Helping You is What We Do™

It’s not just a tagline. It’s a commitment we make to everyone in our network. 
As such, our experienced agents are eager to share their experience with others. We hope you’ll find this selection of stories inspiring.

A Reputation for Success. “After being away from Royal LePage for 14 months I took stock of my business and environment and understood that there is true value to my business using the Royal LePage business model. I find the REALTORS®, management and staff to be very professional and very supportive of each other. I find the reputation and success of the office in my city is a true testament to their hiring and standards of practice.  I am proud to be a part of this office.”

Rika Orendorff, Royal LePage Triland Realty
London, Ontario

A Company that Helps You and Gives Back to the Community. “Home is where the heart is” often are words that introduce a listing, however as a Realtor with Royal Lepage these words not only solidify the sentiment felt by being part of such a successful and respected company but it is truly how I feel each and every day. There is another famous saying “talk is cheap” how ironic that this is so true and so very effective in a business where talk is information and information is education, placing us well above the rest, essentially I belong to a company that I feel walks the walk. From the continuous dynamic training that allows us to be recognized for the professionals that we are to the care and generosity exhibited by my fellow realtor’s relentless support of the Shelter Foundation, and who can forget the amazing conferences, friends among friends, helping us is really what you do. Thank you Royal Lepage for letting me and my clients into your home and being part of your great family.”

Glenis Mahaney, Royal LePage Gardiner Realty
Fredericton, NB

A Company with a Family Feel. “Royal LePagers that I have met over the years bring a certain warmth and caring attitude to the conversation. This company has a family like feel to it. It feels intimate. I don’t feel lost in the shuffle.”

Matthew Regan, Royal LePage Real Estate Services Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario